by VulGarrity

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VulGarrity's 4th studio album.


released July 21, 2015

Recorded, produced and mastered by VulGarrity at Dog Hill Studios, Connecticut. Photos courtesy of Richard B. Wagner Photography.



all rights reserved


VulGarrity Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Flight Simulator
Flight simulator, let me see
Show me the way love's supposed to be
Plot me a course to ecstasy
Leaving behind reality

Test flight hold tight
We're gonna make our way to the stars
From the deep blue sea to the galaxy
They're all gonna know who we are
We ride like gypsy fire in the land of abandoned dreams
Hope I never wake up, cuz when I do it all falls apart at the seems

Round two what you do is throw away all your fears
Because we speak only truth in every word that you hear
We'll ride like gypsy fire to the land of a million dreams
We'll never go back to facing facts cuz nothing is what it seems

Ooh we dream of better days
When shooting stars chase our tears away
Ooh we can't stay
Gotta ride this rocket ship straight into space
Track Name: Wait Here For You
Moving in the black wood, as the crow flies
Floating like a specter, in and out of the
Light fades and brings the shade
To wash away mistakes mistakes I've made
Standing on the corner, under a street light
Hoping you will show up, with desire to
Spend some time alone and find
The things we love to do to pass the time

Will this the end of sorrow be
Or will you make my misery?

When the night comes down, all I can do
Is wait here for you, wait here for you
Time it races by, but time is a fool
I still wait here for you, wait here for you

Climbing through the window, into the moonlight
Rustle in the branches, unafraid of the
Way she takes the dark away
Replacing it with shades of gray, of gray
Sitting by the lakeside, under a dead tree
False illuminations, bleeding out of her
Silhouette, she turns to me
Is this for real, or just a fantasy?
Track Name: West Coast Broke
Living in the basement, cuz I cannot afford rent
A poor musician, eating food out of can
Now I'm in my thirties, and there's no hope for me
I'm sad and lazy, somebody come and kill me

I'm west coast broke
Living with my folks
Not in control
When am I gonna grow up?
I'm west coast broke
Living like a joke
Not in control
When am I gonna grow up?

Well my food's expired, and my friends are all retired
Still in love with liars, and always feeling tired
Ain't got no backup plan, ain't got no rock star band
Eat bologna on hand, right from the garbage can
Track Name: Afterlife
Soft light, painting the ground outside an
Old house, miles from town there's a
Dead tree, pointing the way to the
Graveyard where the spirits await

Do you believe in the Afterlife, do you think there's more than this?
I can tell you what I believe, it starts with a kiss
We fly up and away when the body fades
Emptiness is a physical state but we never fade, never fade away

She came into my life, and the
World changed, enter the knife that would
Send me over the edge, and her
Body motionless on the bed

I've seen him racing toward the sun
Reflecting nothing wanting none
of what the youthful eye can see
A shadow chasing after me
As time passes by the light does fade
My life becomes a black crusade
He sees me reaching for the sun
He pulls me back until it's gone
Track Name: Saddest Clown
Hear my voices
Stretched so thin
I'm on the brink of it
It's happening again

You'll push play to live for me
Happiness I cannot see
Circles in my head repeat
I'm all to you and nothing to me

Sent my warnings
My eyes don't lie
I'm hiding once again
All smiles aside

Your laughter is my purpose here
I hate to bring you all to tears
My legacy will prove that fears
have severed all my efforts here

Breathing feeling so sickly
How can I live when I don't feel free
Trapped in this thing that I call me
Reach for, reach for, reach for it, reach for

I've checked out this time for good
The demons told me that I would
I can't pretend that I am free
I'm the saddest clown you'll ever meet
Track Name: Stygian Night
Instinct tells you to flee
So you move cautiously
When the day comes to end
Paranoia begins
Where you go, we can see
Through the eyes of the trees
No one can hear the screams
Welcome to the end

Behold the night is starless
We gather in the darkness
We the creatures that move at twilight
These charms grow arms in the Stygian Night

When you aimed at the heart
That was only the start
Words turned into a knife
Buried in paradise
You thought no one could see
Carried on foolishly
Now you'll answer to me
Welcome to the end
Track Name: Motion of Sin
Breathing out, every word she makes sounds the same
Under her spell, I can only hear her call my name
Born under fire in the evil of the western wood
My fate is understood

I know the motion of sin
A perpetual fire to burn us within
I know the motion of sin
When the bridges come down another burning begins

Breaking down, wanting only to escape her embrace
Turn and run, knowing deep down it's already too late
Losing Ground in the evil of the western wood
My fate is understood

This is not what we started
The wrath of love departed
Her body turned to dust we pray
Track Name: Dead Dance
Glass breaks, lights fade
He needed something to ease the pain
Knock down the barricade
Just an inch or two more before the front door breaks
We pray and we build and we scheme
But when the wind blows hard, it scatters our dreams
The sun may rise again, but when the dark sets in

Dead dance is pulling at your feet
Dead dance controlling every beat of your heart
Dead dance is waiting in the street
To take you break you at the seems

Calling out in the night
Praising the darkness and cursing the light
At one time, a happy man
Til he threw it all away and joined the world of the damned
We pray and we build and we scheme
But when the wind blows hard, it scatters our dreams
The sun may rise again, but when the dark sets in
Track Name: Dear God
Dear God, help me to be strong today
Help get me through all the temptations
The Evil One throws my way

Dear God, help us turn this world around
Dear God, all it ever takes is one

I know the person in the past
She made a ton of mistakes
I know we've got only this moment
And the future leans on your grace
You're the only with answers
To questions that all of us face
I hope one day all of your people
Will finally make you proud of this place

I pray we witness more kindness
I pray we all will be saved
I pray that we will reject darkness
We know you'll show us the way