If You Sing It, They Will Hum​.​.​.

by VulGarrity

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released October 1, 2008



all rights reserved


VulGarrity Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: No Coin
Ice cubes cold on my back
As I’m waking up she’s running away
Through the streets of a dead end town
With Fall leaves kicking up all around her feet
Rising up with a shot of pain
A scar says “This is where our future bled out”
Paint flaking on the window pane
Considering the end it could bring to all of this

No coin for cheap thrills mother
No chance to pick your poison
Nobody’s bed to borrow
Now who’s the broken woman?

Take your prize, take your prize
How it glistens in the light of the moon
The night breeze swirling
Glowing red growing brighter, and brighter, and brighter
Is this really happening?
It can’t be though it feels so real
And nothing to wake you from this nightmare
Turn around, flashing lights are the culprit
Sirens calling your name

No coin for cheap thrills mother
No chance to pick your poison
Nobody’s bed to borrow
Now who’s the broken woman?
Track Name: From Underground
Midnight in a dead man’s portrait
Wrapped up in an earthbound casket
Faith lost in a lifeless trinket
Dead and gone is the life left sinking

When you dream does it seem like you’re looking up from underground, underground?
Is the image in your head of a bed with dirt all around, dirt all around?

What’s left when the world is colorblind?
Nothing more than a gem in black and white
Stripped of brilliance in a storm of coffee grounds
Beauty wasted in a world that’s Hades-bound

When you die, will you cry or be lifted to higher ground, higher ground?
You decide every time you decide to keep me around
Track Name: Plane in the Water
Float floating in and out of sight
Nothing to hold them upright
I can see the panic in their eyes
I can see the waves rising high
It always looks the same, like television
I shut it off and pray for steady hands
Did someone call a search party, party?
Somebody call a search party, party?

Hey, don’t want to do this again,
Plane in the water, plane in the water
Hey, they’re sinking under again
Plane in the water, plane in the water

We’re fighting hard and there’s no end
No bottom to this ocean
Just a heartbeat pulsing on this line
Another heartbeat tied up to my line
It always feels the same, like dying dying
I shut my mouth and say, this is where I belong
Did someone call a search party, party?
Somebody call a search party, party?

Floating to another day
Another time, I hear them say
“We’re five paces from peace, five paces from peace”

Did someone call a search party
Track Name: Gone Streaking
I’ve lost all inhibition
My crazy has come to fruition
To Hell with prohibition
I’m on a fucked up fruitless mission

I’ve gone streaking now I’m in jail
My bad luck, it never fails
I’ve got the cops on my tail
Would you please post my bail?

This is it, no turning back
Got a monkey on my back
He’s got a hair across his ass
I’m at the bottom of my class
Track Name: Idiots in Photos
Watching you, in a frame
I knew you then, but not the same
That smiling boy, is dead and gone
You let him die, and carried on
He used to give, and never fake
You taught him lies, and how to take
It makes me sad, to think of that
Memories flow, looking at

Idiots in photos, I used to know
I was glad to see them go
Those were good times, but now all I see
Are these idiots in photos

I remember you listening
Letting me win every game
Had my back when trouble came
Nowadays things ain’t the same
We used to be blood brothers
Now we’re too busy for each other
You stand smiling next to me
Now I realize I’m just as guilty
Track Name: Boogeyman
Evil eyes are glowing red
Noises underneath your bed
Is it real, that noise you hear?
Soon you’ll have to face your fear, go!

Here he comes again
Here he comes again, goddamn Boogeyman

Wicked whispers in the hall
Shadow creeping on the wall
Fingers pull the blankets down
Try to scream but make no sound, go!
Track Name: Cult of the Moon God
To work together where do we begin?
Each for himself in a world of sin
With no money, no wars to win
We’d rather live in a world of sin

Cult of the moon god
Devil on the tarot card
Angel in the vanguard

Crosshairs and cannibal eyes
Firstborns and faithless wives
Nobody’s getting out tonight
Nobody’s getting out alive
Track Name: Killer in the Back Seat
Time races, like wildfire
As I ride through the muck and mire
Something is close to me
Something I cannot see
He hears the songs I sing
From out of sight he watches me

Killer in the backseat
I’m driving with a killer in the backseat
I’m driving with a don’t don’t turn around, no no no
Don’t turn around, don’t turn around

What makes him tick so differently?
Why can’t he, behave naturally, humanly?
His hands turn the radio dial
In the rearview, I see his sadistic smile
Track Name: Zombie Town
When the world is top-heavy
And the oceans bleed out
When the stars spin in circles
Before the earth falls inside out

High rollers, high rollers
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down
Pack ‘em up and ship ‘em off
To Zombie Town, Zombie Town

Only one solution
Only one way out
Have you heard of evolution
The time to stop moving backwards is now
Track Name: Night to Remember
Massachusetts Avenue, that’s where I stood in front of you
Bleach blonde hair and eyes so blue, nothing I could say to you
That same night we ended up, on someone’s loft, beer in a cup
Holding hands, kiss goodnight, memories that stay alive

A night with you to remember
A night with you to say goodbye

Massachusetts Avenue, that’s the night our eyes were glued
Party down a block or two, I couldn’t wait to talk to you
Your band had played, I will confess, I thought you’d be like all the rest
You’d prove to me a thing or two, a love that never felt so new

There we were, a year to pass, on the road we thought would last
Your band would move, and I would too, to the friend I found in you
I don’t know why the love we shared, disappeared into thin air
Maybe it’s those times we made, memories that never fade
Track Name: Sunday Afternoon Stroll
The sun is stuck behind the clouds
The wind is sounding like a cry
It’s almost four, I don’t know why
I plead with you to stay inside
Please don’t go out there
I get this feeling someone’s out there

So take your Sunday afternoon stroll
I get this feeling you won’t be coming home
Cause something way deep down inside
Tells me that this may be your last night

I watch you walk right out the door
Until I don’t see you in sight
I can’t explain these evil thoughts
That are racing through my mind
I think something’s out there
I just know that someone’s out there
Track Name: Medicine Man
Medicine man, what’s my future?
Can it be saved, can it be sutured?

This part of me has always been a source of pain
Now that it’s gone I can’t see myself going on without it

Medicine man, what’s that knife for?
So much blood on your hands
And so much on the floor
Track Name: Fire's Tears
Days sneak on by, and nights are a waste
How close that I’ve come, to leaving this place
They cannot compare to what we can do
Faces don’t compare

Ten years a fire’s tears and nothing left to salvage here
Each time we try and try and all we ever go is round and round

Please God don’t let me be, the same sad case
A jester who gets tied up, in the life she’d erase
They cannot compare to what we can do
Faces don’t compare
Track Name: Just Tonight
Tell me, tell me what you want to do to me
And promise not to lie again
Holding out but now the time is right you say
You’ve got me feeling high again
Everyone is dancing, that’s what music is for
But the bruise you wear makes me unsure
A hundred fireflies flashing in your head
It would be better if we sat this one out instead

Just tonight, I’ll make pretend it’s fine
Just tonight, I’ll drive you home again
Sleep it off, I promise this is right
Tomorrow we will still be friends

You look pale in the cold blue light of the dashboard
And you’re insisting that tonight is the night, is the night, is the night, is the night
I don’t think so, in fact I know it’s not

Tell me, tell me why you cry so suddenly
And why you hide behind your tears
Put the window up so we can talk about it
No one else needs to hear
Everyone is staring, keep your voice low
They don’t care who’s right they just want a show
Don’t let their voices get inside your head
It would be better if you sat back down instead
Track Name: World of Sin
One lives on a street of gold
In a mansion full of riches with a big billfold
The other lives in a paradise
But there’s too much peach and quite so he rolls the dice
Instead of reaching common ground
They fight to bring each other down, down, down, down

To work together where do we begin?
Each for himself in a world of sin
With no money no wars to win
We’d rather live in a world of sin

One fights with rocks and knives, the other brings a sword and ends his life
That one dies from a bullet hole, the next one builds a city around his own flagpole
He gets defeated by his own best friend, who wonders when this motherfucking war will end
He wonders when this motherfucking war will end
It will never end, it will never end